Josa Barck – Bedsheet Exit

Getting nearer to the release of the next full length album by Josa Barck. Here is the latest single Bedsheet Exit.
Oh – and find Josa Barck right here: Spotify/Instagram/Facebook

Josa Barck – POLYLOVE

Last single release before Josa Barck launches his new album!
Josa Barck is here: Spotify/Instagram/Facebook

Josa Barck – Twentytwenty(1)

A brand new Josa Barck Single is out now! Boom! Its called Twentytwenty(1)!

Live session

Josa Barck just released a crazy 360 livesession of his newest single ‘Twenty-twenty(1)’

Aumayr & Koefoed – The Panalama Sessions

New artist – New release

Happy to welcome Aumayr & Koefoed! Even happier to present their first release!
Check out ‘The Panalama Sessions’ at Spotify – Or wherever…

Josa Barck – The Future

Today Josa Barck releases his brand new Single ' The Future'

Josa Barck – Rococo Riot

First single of 2019 from Josa Barck is out! Check out Rococo Riot right here: Spotify/Apple Music/Soundcloud

Rococo Riot [Official Video]

Check out the new video for Rococo Riot - Yay! Summer!

Josa Barck – Keep Your Batteries Warm

The second full lenght album album by Josa Barck is finally here. It is the most ambitious release so far from the danish multi-instrumentalist. We can't wait to see this gem come to life. Happy Release day!

Josa Barck – Everybody Everywhere

At last the newest single 'Everybody Everywhere' from Josa Barck is here. Danish National Radio P6 have been so kind to pre-premier it, and today it is featured at the 'New Indie and Alternative' playlist at Spotify. Check it out!

The waiting is over! The first full lenght album by bæst is out now.
You can find on your favourite streaming platform, og head on over to the bandpage and support the guys directly.

Video premiere

There is a new Bæst album on the way - and while we wait impatiently, here's a short video.
Bæst - Tøven I Hvil

Josa Barck vs. TickTock

This Weekend Josa Barck teams up with the ever so great TickTock - They will be playing at the wonderfull 'Byhaven' in central Copenhagen - It's summer, It's outdoors - What else could You ask for?

Perhaps free entrance...Yay!


Uhørt Festival - Copenhagen

Great News! Bæst will be playing the main stage at this years Uhørt festival. Great Place - lovely lineup - Summer - Outdoors..bla bla bla...

Here's the event

The new Josa Barck Single is here.

And it's called Square Pie - We love it, and so does 'Musik Mig Blidt'.
Find it at:
Apple Music


'Salute' - Ugens Kanon

The Danish equivalent of 'Song Of The Week' - is exactly what 'Salute' By Josa Barck is this week.
We thank Danish National Radio for the honour!

Links aren't working properly, so....Here's a video


Bæst - Aber
Aaand yet another Bæst single premiere - This time Bitchslap Magazine is presenting Bæst and their newest single 'Aber'.
Find the track here:
Apple Music

Bæst’s Track ‘Aber’ is the Soundtrack to Your Spaghetti Western Fantasy

Bæst - Single Premiere

Ever felt like an industrial worker slaving away the coals mines? Apparently Bitchslap knows the feeling...

Pre-Stream Bæst’s Hair-Raising New EP, ‘Stof Mellem Stof’

Spot Festival 2016

Both Bæst and Josa Barck will be playing along with a string of wonderfull artists at this years SPOT festival in Aarhus.
Idiot Disc Records is hosting a Marathon Dayparty at this years SPOT-festival- presenting a days worth of wicked music.

Find the event right here.

And the full Line-up

Bæst - Det Yderste Rum

Finally the first full album from the lovely people of Bæst!
Its here, and its lovely!


Apple Music



Bæst single premiere

Noisey have been kind enough to premiere the newest Bæst single.
Its called 'Bring dem i Live'  

Noisey - Enter the belly of the Beast!

Josa Barck Press Picture

Salute Airplay 
Danish National Radio and the dedicated people at Uniradioen have picked up on the newest Josa Barck single
Find the kind radio people right here
P6 Debut


First Review of the latest Josa Barck album - 4 stars - not too bad. Thanks GFR.

Josa Barck: Eureka ★★★★☆☆

The Reviews of 'Det yderste Rum' are piling up - here's a good one from GFR!


Bæst: Det yderste rum ★★★★★☆

'Salute' by Josa Barck out now!

First single from the second Josa Barck album is already out!


Apple Music


Josa Barck's 'Eureka' Out today! Everywhere!

Today is the official release day of the debut album 'Eureka' by Josa Barck.
8 semi-somber songs to warm you winter days.
All is dandy - and you can
Buy it here

Or stream it everywhere:

Apple Music



Palmer og Rumklang
Welcome the lovely people of 'Palmer og rumklang' (Danish for Palmtrees and reverb...) and their selftitles debutalbum. These guys are wonderfull and querky, and you can meet the right here.

And find the music right here:


Apple Music